Plot Summary

Loafer and daredevil Jim is forced to constantly walk in more and more schools, as it kicked everywhere. So this time he goes to a new class, where he meets a cool girl. Between them at once there is mutual sympathy, but she's not going to give him immediately and without a struggle — she struggles teases him, she pays special attention to her old boyfriend, steep "leather" Base, it provokes both guys to a duel.

Did You Know?

The name of the movie based on the title of the scientific work of 1944, Dr. Robert M. Lindner, about the problems of hypnoanalysis juvenile delinquents ("Rebel Without A Cause: The Hypnoanalysis of a Criminal Psychopath").

The tape was going to do black and white, and was shot several scenes, when Warner Bros. I decided for the prestige of making a color film. This Studio pushed the huge box office of "East of Eden" (1955) Elia Kazan — the previous movie with James Dean. Ray was especially happy to shoot the film in color, as he ready a were a few bright characters. Almost every color (ranging from red jacket Jim to blue jeans) had its own symbolism.

Jim grimaces and voice of the cartoon character of Mr. Magoo. The irony is that father Jim played by the actor Jim Backus, who voiced this character. Backus even taught Dina how to speak the voice of Magoo.

According to a survey conducted by British network of multiplexes UCI Cinemas, the film was voted the most stylish film in the history of cinema.

All the action takes place in 24 hours.

Ray didn't really want to give the role of Judy Natalie wood because he considered her too naive and inexperienced. Wood in the shortest time learned to smoke and change your Outlook on life, proving that he can be Mature and adult.

In the scene when Jim takes out his rage on the Desk of police, Dean really broke his arm.

Director Nicholas ray spent a few nights in the company of youth gangs of Los Angeles, to feel the atmosphere of the events of the future film.

The main role wanted to invite Marlon Brando, but this idea was abandoned for two years before "Rebel", Brando played in a similar movie called "Wild solo" (1953).

Throughout most of the movie James Dean wore a white t-shirt, which since its invention has been exclusively underwear. To Dean's t-shirts appeared on the screen actors such as Marlon Brando and John Wayne, but this film propelled Mike to the masses and made a full outerwear: immediately after the film's release sales of t-shirts the first in the US and then worldwide has increased dramatically.

One of the actors — Frank Mazzola — was a member of a street gang. He taught Dean fights with knives.

The name Stark is an anagram of the surname Trask one of the heroes of the film "East of Eden" (1955), played in this film, Dean.

Person suitable to the Observatory at the very end of the film, played by Director Nicholas ray. According to rumors, he appears in all his paintings.

It was on the set of this picture of Dean particularly addicted to driving fast: one of the most famous and brutal scenes of the film were dedicated to racing at the edge of the abyss, in which for the sake of self-affirmation was attended by Jim stark.

Shooting period: March 28 — may 25, 1955.

In the UK the film was banned until 1968.

The tragedy of the film had continued on and off screen, as all three main characters did not die a natural death. Mineo was murdered in West Hollywood on February 12, 1976 aged 37 years. Wood drowned under mysterious still circumstances at the age of 43 years. Dean crashed on a racing car at speeds over 100 mph on a freeway in California on 30 September 1955 at the age of 24 years.

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