The Best Years of Our Lives

Plot Summary

The film tells the story of three American army officers, war veterans are returning home to their families. Al, Fred and Homer — the story of them, al had a wife and two grown children who are in adulthood, he tries to catch up, learn them again and again to win the love of family and the trust, on return he was invited to work in a Bank at a higher position than he was before he went to war. Fred, in turn, a beautiful wife, which began an independent life, leaving parents Fred and settling in the hotel and apparently not very bored without her husband, in addition to the work of Fred to hurry and not take it, serious financial problems, after joint drinking at the bar Fred is back home to al and there he falls in love with al's daughter, Peggy. But Homer things even more difficult, he lost both hands, but waiting for his family and girlfriend whom he promised to return to marry, but a serious injury complicates things, so Homer and his girl has a big test of their feelings whether his family make him so.

Did You Know?

Based on the novel by McKinley Kantor "Worship me."

The film had two working titles — "Glory to us" and "home Again". It was subsequently decided to stay on the current version, which has caused discontent of the author of a novel-the original Mackinlay Cantor.

"The best years of our lives" — the first post-war work of Director William Wyler and his latest film at the Studio the Samuel Goldwyn Company.

As planned by Samuel Goldwyn in the film was supposed to star Teresa Wright, Dana Andrews, David Niven, Farley Granger, Walter Brennan and Constance Dowling. In the end, were invited, only the first two of this list.

In the role of Millie Stephenson was supposed to star star 20th Century Fox June Haver, however, it was replaced by Myrna Loy.

Plans of the fictional town of Boone city was filmed in Sacramento and Los Angeles, but, according to a press release of the painting, its prototype was the city of Cincinnati.

Advertising campaign of the film lasted six months and cost half a million dollars.

In 1989, the film was recognized as a national treasure and included in the national kinorezhiser Library of Congress.

The shooting of the film lasted from April 15 to August 9, 1946, and its premiere was held in new York on 21 November of the same year.

Director William Wyler came to anger, having learned that Samuel Goldwyn had sent Harold Russell for acting classes. He believed that without training the game Russell will be more natural. In addition, in an effort to make the film as realistic as possible, Wyler insisted that all the supporting cast and crew were recruited from these veterans of world war II.

6 Aug 1992 Harold Russell sold at auction received over the male role of the second plan the statuette "Oscar" for 60 thousand dollars.

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